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 Seriously, we're back.

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PostSubject: Seriously, we're back.   Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:24 pm

Hey, welcome to the official ReFlectionX 562 thread

Dear ReFx players,
Thanks for being patient. You have been aware due to updates, accounts will be reset, and this will be the ONLY time you be reset. For more information, visit

[Scroll down for pics]

Argh, sorry for downtime. But now we're back. One of the few 562s remaining.

(To skip this thread, just download client here.


- Features
- Shops
- Client
- Combat
- Pictures
- Staff

- Dungeoneering master added, who gives cape.
- Clue scrolls now give rewards from their difficulty, and they give server points depending on their difficulty
- Loadstone network, now for all areas (so there's like, lumbridge, varrock, draynor, falador.. etc.)
- Agility fixed
- Completionist cape added, grey trim for those who have reached 126 in all skills
- Max cape added
- Greco loco boss has a new look
- Greco loco boss is now harder, bring team mates!
- New tutorial island
- Playing time, now if you play long enough you can earn a veteran cape from someone.
Time needed to recieve cape: 50,000 game seconds (7 hours real time play)
Talk to the "Skrillaphat" npc at home.
- Low alchemy added
- Superheat added (basically a middle alchemy.)
- High Alchemy added

+ Planning a new skill

~Membership shop~:
- Now has new items, and really worth items.
- The yell colors have been changed, now it's not all green
- Experience rates, (x2 for regular members, x3 for Super, and x4/x5 (depending on difficulty of skill) for Premium Members.)

+ More updates to come to Memberzone.

So far as I have noted, that players have suggested for me to hold official server events. Greco has suggested:

Every Friday, a cool mini game only at 7+ players on.
like try to find Goudont, we will give you a hint every 2 minutes.. blablabla the first person who find Goudont, wins. The prizes will depend on how long it took. If you took more than 10 minutes, the prize will be something like, 100 manta rays, or something. If you took within 5 minutes, the prizes vary from dragon claws, to a bunch of cash, to good armor.
- Bonus dung day one time, in 1 month; Double dungeoneering cash drop, as well as experience.
- Double experience days (will be decided when ever.)

- Now you can't sell any items that are 0 coins or below (money glitch)
- Cannot spam click agility, made it a bit better
- Added more skillcape masters

+ Small fixes.

For those of you who are wondering, what the hell happened to the server?
Well, the host computer got a virus. We weren't able to recover it.



- A full pvp world, type ::pvpon to turn it on, and ::pvpoff to turn it off

All skills working, yes all 23, yes 23.
This includes:
- Attack
- Strength
- Defence
( Can be trained by attacking and killing different types of npcs that are attackable. These skills help you level up your combat. Strength helps you hit higher amounts, attack helps you have less chances of hitting 0s, and defence helps you resist more damage. )

- Range
( Long range distance, great for people who love archery. This server has this skill with most bows and arrows. )

- Prayer
( Is trained by burrying bones, and participating in some minigames. )

- Magic
(Runes can be used to deal damage to npcs that you fight, and you can train it at a steady rate.)

- Hitpoints
(The more you have, the longer you live.)


This server features the following skills:

- Crafting ( cut gems, make jewelry, make amulets, necklaces... etc)

- Mining (Mine ores to turn them into bars for smithing)

- Fishing (catch fish to level up, a lot of areas to fish in. The higher your level, the faster you catch and the more you can catch.)

- Smithing (using bars from the mining skill, you can make armor. Better armor and types of armors are available when higher smithing is reached.)

- Wood cutting (cut logs to gain experience, more trees available when you level up. Use logs for firemaking, fletching, or money.)

- Fire making (burn your logs)

- Rune Crafting (make runes for money or magic to train the rune crafting skill.)

- Agility (complete the agility courses to level up, and run longer)

- Herblore (make special potions that enhance your stats.)

- Thieving (steal and make good loot)

- Fletching (make bows and arrows to help with the range skill, or to make money)

- Slayer (talk to the slayer masters to get a task and complete them for experience.)

- Farming (clear the patches, and plant seeds and water them to grow them.)

- Summoning (create familiars that help you during PvP [YES, they ATTACK YOUR OPPONET DURING PVP] )

- Construction (Using logs, go to the sawmill and create planks. Then, sell them for great money, currently normal, oak, teak, and mahogany can be made.) [More to come with this skill]

- There is a shop where you can sell all your items to
- There is an armor shop
- There is a summoning shop, to buy materials
- There are skilling item shops

- Experience rate of 1650 exp/hit
- Skilling has a steady rate, not too slow, and not too fast, although some skills, you may level faster than another.
- 24/7 uptime
- Pets
- All summoning pouches work, though some pouch creating don't work.
- A unique mini-tutorial island Spam protection quest, escaping a prison (LOL)
- Minigames like barrows, barbarian assault, pest control... etc
- Active owners
LOADS of activities to do to spend your time on

- Official client, legit, virus free
- No bugs in it
- Faster client

New update
- Auto cache downloader, so now webclient is ready.
- Thieving multiple exp bug fixed
- Farming bug fixed
- Added skillcape dialogues, now you choose if you want to buy a skillcape or not.

"Aha, it seems like you are a master of *SKILL NAME*. Would you like a cape to represent for 99,000 coins?"
1. Yes I would like to buy a skillcape.
2. No, I would not like a skillcape

- Added exp rates to Crafting skill (donator gets more rate, super donator gets higher, and premium gets max)
- Added exp rates to Combat (donator gets more rate, super donator gets higher, and premium gets max)
- Added more bones, and added bone multiplyer rates (donator gets more rate, super donator gets higher, and premium gets max)
- Added caskets, and rewards from it.
- Fixed 1 click bugs
- Made training a bit easier


- Owners:
- Scapedef ("Greco Loco" in game)
- Goudont

-Co Owner:

- Head Admin:

- Admin:
~ Open
~ Open
~ Open

- Head mod:
~ Skrillaphat

- Mod:
~ Open
~ Open
~ Open
~ Open

NOTE: We do not view or accept any staff application of any kind.


These are SOME of the pictures. Join this server now! Smile

I am not the chosen one, I am the arab one.

Last edited by TheArabOne on Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:31 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Noob poster
Noob poster

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PostSubject: Re: Seriously, we're back.   Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:40 am

Finally! bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

EDIT: um..... server isn't working or am ii just stupid. Question
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Community Manager
Community Manager

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PostSubject: Re: Seriously, we're back.   Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:27 am

Please do not double post.

Topic revised 3/2/13.

Once more into the fray
Into the last good fight i'll ever know
Live and die on this day
Live and die on this day

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PostSubject: Re: Seriously, we're back.   

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Seriously, we're back.
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