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 UPDATES for 3-31-13

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Loyal poster
Loyal poster

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PostSubject: UPDATES for 3-31-13   Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:36 pm

- Dungeoneering ring added (get it by going to the lumbridge catacombs)
- WoodCutting yew and magic times lowered
- Primal hatchet woodcutting axe added
- Teak and Mahogany (for construction) is now replaced with Yew and Magic logs
+ Some other shit goudont added but forgot
OH , chaotic crossbow anims and some weapon anims


- Summoning pet now stays with you if you log out (no more pets disappearing)
- Now you can't pick up other people's pets

- Slayer minigame, Level 2 removed.
- Slayer minigame, prestige experience boost fixed

- Spinning wheel added [Use the one at home next to bank, it's a Pottery oven]
(spawn object 4310 @ HOME)

- Primal weapons (all) animations fixed, no longer punches
- Chaotic Rapier animation fixed

-Fire Address cube(LolNoobShit) Click the Address cube (fire) at home or ::wc
It takes all your logs and converts them to firemaking experience.
(if you want bonfires instead, let me know)

(Spawn 6617 @ HOME && @ ::wc)

- Now you stay seated in the chair when you're afk, until you type ::back (no longer standing while afk)
(Admins' seat change every 10 game seconds XD)
- World Map is now a quick teleport loadstone access
- Made tutorial island lock picking easier.
- Tutorial island now has hint arrows that tell you where to go ^-^
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PostSubject: Re: UPDATES for 3-31-13   Fri Apr 05, 2013 11:24 pm


I am not the chosen one, I am the arab one.
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UPDATES for 3-31-13
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