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 [474] Salacious || Custom Cache || Free Kitty Upon Joining || Hard XP Rates || Eco++

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PostSubject: [474] Salacious || Custom Cache || Free Kitty Upon Joining || Hard XP Rates || Eco++   Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:49 pm

We are a small community seeking new players & we've been running for months! Almost no one knows about us nor the incredible progress we've made so far. Come join us and experience a new world you've never seen before... Afterall... you do live in your world, so why not play in ours?

Developer/Hoster & Coder:Phantasye
Web Developer:Sarrio(Me)
PLAY NOW---------------------------
*Please note the video is a bit outdated & tons of new content was added since the post-date of this video

Starting Off

When you first log into Salacious, you will be greeted by the custom choose your class interface where players can choose between mage, archer, and warrior. after making their selection players will receive the appropriate starter and find themselves in the home of Draynor, but don't let this fool you, there are several other home locations on Salacious, the players may decide which one they like best. The shops are conveniently lined outside the bank in Draynor, make sure you check everything out because it all has a purpose.


One of the unique features found on Salacious is its' low XP rates, you may dislike how long it is taking to level, but at this rate it allows for players to accomplish there skills and makes skills serve more of a purpose. The nice thing about it is Salacious is all carefully balanced, the low XP rates allows for a wide variety of methods for training in any skill!

Making Money

Money is challenging to make, but not impossible. Players can make money with a variety of methods such as, skilling,bossing,PvM,PvP, or even just by playing. While playing you will receive 100 Salacious point an hour as well as earn them while training, along with Salacious Points players may earn mystery boxes, skill packages, and spins on the squeal of fortune. From time to time there is also a React mini-game that occasionally offers some really nice prizes.


Salacious has all these great features to offer players including many more not mentioned in the guide, there's frequent content updates to keep the game exciting and challenging. The challenge is not for everyone, but if you enjoy a challenge Salacious is the server for you!

Some Features

Realistic quality skilling
Difficult custom bosses
A full and exciting map
Perfect PvP
All kinds of gambling
and MUCH more!

Custom Items:


PLAY NOW---------------------------
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[474] Salacious || Custom Cache || Free Kitty Upon Joining || Hard XP Rates || Eco++
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